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"Competition and capitalism are hated to-day because of their tendency to destroy poverty and privilege." William Hutt
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Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Economic Advisors Solution

Yet another one step Cracked.com solution to our economic woes:

All we need is to give our Prez some good advice, and have him admit that he needs it. After all, hes got to press the "yes" button.

Actually this comes pretty close to being accurate. If our Fearless Leader did take good advice, we would be in better shape. But few people realize that the correct advice to give him is, "Go on vacation, and lots of it."

Now there are those who criticize his lavish vacations, paid for with our money.
Drowning in a sea of love.

But I say we pay for his vacations every day till his reign is over. In fact, we should set up a fund to keep every president on permanent vacation. The reason is very simple. New laws can be of two types. They can either make new stuff up, or they can repeal the old laws.

Of all the laws passed since time began, very few have repealed an older law. 99.9999% of laws passed are new ones. And a law means, by definition, a new thing you have to do, whether you like it or not.

You see where we are going here. A law is the exact opposite of freedom, in particular of a free market, AKA competition and capitalism. It will take whole books to prove that indeed, as William Hutt wrote,"Competition and capitalism are hated to-day because of their tendency to destroy poverty and privilege." But those books have been written, many of them available free at Mises.org.

The more time Obama and other presidents are on vacation, the less laws are passed, the less freedom we lose, the less the free market is crushed. And if he really stays on vacation, there won't be a budget, meaning the govt will stop spending money. Now that would be a huge step forward towards solving our problems.

So listen to the advice you so want to hear, dear Prez, and take that extended extended vacation.

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