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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ten Good Things About Raising the Debt Ceiling

Never one to resist a challenge, Smiling Dave is going to dig deep to find some positive spin to the disastrous raising of the debt ceiling. Sure it will mean death to the dollar and super high inflation and continued recession, but on the other hand...

1. The talk about default really upset the Chinese. They may provide just the tough love we need, not lending us any more money.

2. It educated anyone with a brain [and a background in AE] about who Obama is, who the Republicans and Democrats are, and the purity of the elected Tea Party folk. Our Prez put it well when he said nobody in elected office is remembered for sticking to their principles. Only Ron and Rand Paul told it like it is.

3. Similarly, it proved yet again that all the mainstream media, TV, newspapers, all of 'em, are just Pravda in English.

4. It may just fool enough people into thinking everything is OK, so that it temporarily lowers the price of gold and silver. Those who know AE can stock up.

5. It will bankrupt the country that much sooner, so that all the govts secret police and storm troopers will have to disband from lack of funding. Of course, this is really stretching optimism to the limit, because even the poorest of banana republics find money for their goon squads.

6. It will strengthen the trend of firing people from govt jobs because there is no way to pay them, thus weakening the Democrats.

7. It will bring families closer, as they huddle together to stay warm in the cold and dark, hungry.

8. Air pollution and highway deaths will decrease, as gasoline becomes too expensive to use.

9. Everyone will be much fitter and stronger, as food prices will soar and people will go back to growing their own with manual labor.

10. Skirts will be shorter, as cloth prices rise.

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  1. Kudo's Smiling Dave. You nailed it..unfortunately for us Americans.