"Most people are in arrested development and cannot use logic." Jacob.
"Competition and capitalism are hated to-day because of their tendency to destroy poverty and privilege." William Hutt
"America is unique in that our economy is totally dependent on global charity." Peter Schiff

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Gentle Sarcasm, or the websites I follow regularly

1. http://schiffradio.com Wonderful source of gentle sarcasm and Austrian Economics. I don't listen to it live, for that would involve commercials. Instead I wait to about 5 PM when you can dowload [for the rest of the day] a commercial free podcast.

2. http://www.fmylife.com/. Where losers go to whine and be laughed at. Hilarious.

3. The forum at Mises.org  Great place to search for my posts, talk to the guys about AE and current events, solve the world's problems, debate leftists, and see my posts. Just search for Smiling Dave.

4. http://dilbert.com  He knows what's what.

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