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Monday, May 16, 2011

Lebron and psychology

It's a real shame there can be only one winner in these NBA playoffs. So many deserving talented players, and only a small handful will be "winners". There must be a better way.

In any case, I want LeBron to win, and also want him to lose. I feel bad for him already, seeing his hopes dashed pretty bad tonight by the solid Bulls team. He's playing two and a half guys against nine, to quote Bill Simmons.

But if he pulls it off and beats them in the rest of the series, and goes on to win the championship, how will that feel? Like when the class egomaniac, who bragged all year that he will be teacher's pet, actually does become teacher's pet. Grrrr.

How does this all fit in with psychology as explained by T. I Rubin? It has to do with humility. We all like Kevin Durant and Derrick Rose, because they are humble. The quiet self collected way they just do their jobs.

Where does humility fit in with the evil Mr Hyde? Very simple. Evil Mr Hyde, the internal critic out to destroy us, tells us we are less than we really are. Often, out of desperation, we defend ourselves by lying and declaring to ourselves and the world that we are more than what we really are. We feel a need to be more than we are, to cover up and hopefully silence Hyde's constant chatter that we are nothings. Mr Hyde is of course very happy to see these feelings, and makes them part of his arsenal against us.

And that's where humility comes in. It is both the cause and the result of Hyde's defeat. If we somehow see the light and realize that we don't have to be what we are not, that any demand or insistence that we be better than what we are [I am the greatest in this world! In the next world! In any world!] is Mr Hyde doing his thing, that realization weakens him. When we turn off that part of him, he is one step closer to death.

And when we do finally turn him off, we can relax and live our lives in peace. We have no need to brag, to strut, we just feel that deep content of being pleased with our very selves, as is. That's humility, and it is very powerful and very attractive. It's why we like Durant and Rose. They are not out to one up anyone. They are relaxed, so we can relax with them.

[Note to self: Remember that you haven't actually met any of these guys. You have no idea what they are really like. Self notes it]. 

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