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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Quick intro to useful psychology

Welcome to my new blog.
Let's jump right in.
I see the world through the specs of T. I. Rubin's psychology, which I call the modified Jeckyl and Hyde theory of life.
The idea is that we are born with the good guy in us, Dr Jeckyl, but then internalize a bad guy, the evil Mr Hyde.
He is NOT the Mr Hyde of Stevenson's classic, a guy whose evil is directed at everybody else. Rather the evil Mr Hyde we really have is someone whose evil is directed at Jeckyl, in other words, at our own true selves.
Another name for this evil Mr Hyde is The Inner Critic.
We'll be talking more about this as time rolls on. Hurry in with your comments, questions, advice for the lovelorn requests.
Next post will be a bit of Austrian Economics, Smiling Dave style.


  1. Is the inner critic our internalization of other people / society?

  2. Exactly. Which is very useful when the outer critics are giving you good info, like "It's bad to steal," and the like. But plenty of us get a thick slice of "You idiot!" and such added on, which becomes the Evil Mr Hyde.

  3. Sounds interesting, and accurate. What do you recommend to get the best of Rubin?

  4. His book, Compassion and Self Hate, spells it all out.