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Friday, May 20, 2011

Mr Hyde all around us, mwahahaha

To find out who Mr Hyde is, click here.

Was watching the movie Juno [not sure why]. The pregnant teen girl is telling the future Adopting Mom that sure she can touch the girl's belly, everyone does it. The baby even moves.

Adopting Mom puts hands on girl's bloated belly and looks disappointed. She says, "I can't feel anything. It's not moving for me."

A perfect example of her Mrs Hyde speaking. Obviously, babies don't kick around 24/7 right? And the baby doesn't know anything about Adopting Mom. It's Mom's inner Mrs Hyde telling her this insult that babies won't move for her, like she is so infertile she kills movement in another woman's baby.

And note a very important detail here. Mom doesn't know anything about the very existence of Mrs Hyde. She thinks it is herself doing the talking and the thinking, not her inner Mrs Hyde talking. We know there are two people inside her, but she doesn't. She thinks everything going on inside her is from her real and her only self.

Which brings us to the first step in getting rid of Hyde. Knowing when it's us talking and thinking and feeling, and when it's the Inner Critic. Obviously if you don't even know it's the enemy acting, you won't try to resist him.

So guys and gals, you may want to take note of what you say and think and feel during the day. Anytime it's some kind of criticism, insult, put down, negative psychological insight, whatever, of yourself, take note. That's Hyde doing the talking.

First aid: tell him to just shut up.

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