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Monday, May 30, 2011

Why Mr Hyde can be defeated.

For who Mr Hyde is, see my first post.
As Dr Rubin explains in his masterpiece, we are born as Dr Jeckyl. Mr Hyde is something created later in life. In other words, he is not the real us. Because of this, his grip on us is weaker than Jeckyl's.

Jeckyl, the source of our goodness and creativity and happiness, is who we really are. He can be silenced, intimidated, cowed, but he is always there. Hyde, on the other hand may shout and take control and bully, but he is ultimately a stranger who has intruded himself into our thoughts and feelings. He doesn't really belong there. That being so, he can be evicted.

Dr Rubin compares him to a house of cards. He can be blown away eventually. 

Next post we finally get to cases. How to actually evict the guy.

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